Book Reviews are NOT scary!!

I have SO many reviews piling up but I’m still dragging my feet with writing them all. This little brain fart was going to be a side note in the review I’m working on now for Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson (which I read back in August, UGH!!!) but I figured that it was going to be lengthy enough to be it’s own separate post so….voilà!

A small comment on the post title…I immediately wrote it with the intent of  both motivating myself and proving its veracity. So far, neither has prevailed.

I want to talk about my initial hesitation to write reviews. Keeping consistent with my OCD tendencies, I have decided to make a list because lists are good, lists are our friends, so here are my itemized issues about book reviews:

1. Length. Thankfully, the text on this particular WordPress blog design looks HUGE when viewed on the actual website. And I’ve always been a quality over quantity kind of person but I’m torn over my own blog reading habits. I don’t read very short or long posts. The short posts, I just skim to get the gist and then move on. The long posts, I save to read later and then almost never get around to it. So how to find that magical in-between that even someone like me would read, beginning to end?

2. Style. As a person who attended college and majored in writing, I feel obligated to produced polished reviews that would rival that of the New York Times. However, this makes the reviews feel like too much work. After sixteen years of education, I refuse to ever, EVER do mindless busywork again. Therefore, the answer to this problem is to do the complete opposite: stream of consciousness. Not to say that I won’t structure my posts at all (expect a whole crap-load of lists) but I need to just feel the feels, write about them, and not care how much crazy comes out.

3. Ratings. I have seen this topic brought up on other blogs. Personally, I don’t read unrated book reviews. It just sums up the impression of the reviewer in a very nice and simple visual component. But it’s so difficult to rate a book when you’re the one doing the rating – it’s all so arbitrary and wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey! I did create a rating system to make it easier but then I thought about how every rating will subsequently be unwittingly influenced by past book ratings. It will be almost impossible not to give a book rating without comparing it to past ratings of equal amount and I don’t want to do that at all. But I promise to do my best and focus on the review at hand, ignoring all others for the time being.

So there are my thoughts on writing book reviews. I really didn’t come up with any tangible solutions but I wanted to post something and the review is proving too overwhelming. Maybe it’ll be easier to film a vlog book review…hmmm….

Do you have these book review issues as well? I’m I just over-thinking things too much? Please comment below with any sympathies, advice, or other ideas about book reviews.

I hope you have a great day with an even better book!



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