#ReadingCram Challenge: Favorite Book to Movie Adaptation 2013

Reading challenge hosted by Jenny @ Juliababyjen’s Reading Room and Dana @ Danasquare from December 9th-22nd.

Challenge: Post to Twitter/Facebook your favorite Book to Movie Adaptation in 2013.

Okay, okay I know this isn’t going to original because EVERYONE is going to pick this adaptation and I mean EVERYONE. I have never seen a better book to movie adaptation in my life. Not only did it hit all the right plot lines and scenes but the acting…oh the acting. Just in case you haven’t seen my Top Celebrity Crushes video on my Youtube channel, I freakin’ love Jennifer Lawrence:

Things That Happened While Watching Catching Fire:
– Nearly cried during Cinna’s scene
– Fangirled over Josh Hutcherson (even though he’s the same age as my younger brother and I can’t help but feel weird about it)
– Connected with Finnick Odair and Effie Trinket in a way that I didn’t through the books thanks to the superb acting of Sam Claflin and Elizabeth Banks respectively
– Developed a huge crush on Jena Malone as Johanna Mason (that elevator scene was pure cinematic GOLD!)
– My heart may have stopped from awesomeness in the last five or so minutes of the film

Seriously though, this movie will be winning MAJOR awards come January, just you wait.


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