DNF Books: December 2013

DNF Recap

I used to be the reader who could NEVER not finish a book. I considered it a sin to put down a book with no intention of ever picking it up again. “You’re just not in the right mood or time of your life,” I’d say to myself. Right…

Recently I have come to realize three things:

1. I only have this one life to read the books that I enjoy

2. There are literally thousands of books that I will never get to read <— this just makes me cry when I think about it

2. By about fifty pages in, I pretty much know if I want to continue a new book

As a result, I have begun to DNF (Did Not Finish) titles, especially as I get more into ARCs from NetGalley and Edelweiss. I would like to point out that while these titles were not my cup of tea, they may hold meaning and enjoyment for someone else. So without further ado, here are the books that I still feel guilty for rejecting…

Title: Blood of the Lamb: A Novel of Secrets
Author: Sam Cabot
Publisher: Blue Rider Press
Source: ARC (NetGalley)
Genres: Adult Fiction, Suspense
Pages: 432


The Historian meets The Da Vinci Code in this exhilarating supernatural thriller set in Rome. Rival groups are searching for a document that holds a secret that could shatter the Catholic Church.While in Rome, American Jesuit priest Thomas Kelly is called upon to reclaim a centuries-old document stolen from the Vatican. An enigmatic letter leads him to the work of a 19th century poet, where Thomas discovers cryptic messages that might lead to the missing manuscript. His search is unexpectedly entwined with that of Italian art historian Livia Pietro, who tells him that destructive forces are threatening to expose the document’s contents. As they’re relentlessly chased through the heart of Rome by mysterious men who quickly demonstrate they would cross any line to obtain the document for themselves, it becomes clear to Livia and Thomas that the pages hold a deep, devastating, long-buried truth. Livia, though, has a secret of her own: she and her People are vampires. But all this pales in light of the Secret that Thomas and Livia discover together—a revelation more stunning than either could have imagined.

//DNF Review//

This was a book I found while perusing NetGalley that I really wanted to love. I mean, The Historian meets Da Vinci Code? It was a concept that I didn’t know I wanted until it actually existed. And it was one of the first ARC titles that this little book blogger received to review. So it held a very special place in my heart while I made some final touches on the blog. The prologue opens on a woman changing the narrator into a vampire and that’s it. It was pretty much just a big “Hey guys, this is about vampires,” which the reader would have known from the description. Then the first chapter is in a letter format where again, you still have no idea who is narrating and the period writing is just confusing. The book doesn’t pick up until Thomas Kelly (which is such a cliched name for an Irish priest, I can’t even…) starts narrating but it was already too late. Too much pacing issues and lack of direction meant that I had to DNF.


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