Top Ten Tuesday: Reading Wish List

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Yeah, yeah I’m kind of late in publishing this but I’ve had some personal stuff lately coupled with weird work hours that makes it so I can’t sleep like a normal person. As a result, my blog posting has been lacking – please be patient with the crazy book blogger. She only responds to offers including, but not limited to, neck massages, coffee/tea, and Cadbury Eggs. Aaaand, now I’m talking about myself in the third person…

Let’s get on to the list, shall we?

Top Ten Reading Wish List:

For the love of all that is holy, please stop. Just stop.

2. Standalones

I was going to add epic series to this list and then I thought about The Mortal Instruments and how it could have EASILY been paired down into probably two books. It’s my belief that authors no longer know how to span a story across multiple books. Besides, I’m horrible at waiting for sequels to come out and ultimately end up dropping the series altogether.

3. Realistic Romances

This insta-love has got to go. Don’t get me wrong, insta-attraction is definitely a thing. Hell, do you know how many times I’ve glanced across a coffee shop or subway train (totally cliché, I’m sorry) and had to physically stop myself from staring at a hot guy? It happens all the time. Love, not so much. All these bloggers are waiting, begging for the slow burn romance, the modern Beatrice and Benedick (if you get this reference, you are seriously my new best friend).

4. Time Travel

Nowhere in particular, although I have a soft spot for the American Revolutionary War and Renaissance Italy. Traveling to the future wouldn’t be a bad idea either but I’d want more focus on the time-travel then the sci-fi elements that would inevitably develop.

5. Morally Ambiguous Characters

I need my flawed, hardened outsiders who only need someone to understand and love them like I need air to breathe. I crave the Batman characters, the Malcolm Reynolds’, the Sherlock Holmes, and the Han Solos. Give me your Winchester boys and your Angels. Let me wrap my arms around them as they wallow in their painfully tragic backstories.

6. Male-Bonding Relationships

Speaking of the Winchester boys…I want more brother and father-son stories. Maybe it has to do with the fact that my mother passed away when I was young. Or perhaps it has something to do with my intellectual curiosity about male-bonding and what, culturally-speaking, is allowed and frowned upon. I’m not sure, probably a mixture of both but it sure does give me a strong hankering for more male relationships in my reading.

[Warning: These men will break your heart]

7. Active Parental Figures

I get it, parents aren’t perfect. They are as flawed and human as the rest of us, believe me I know from personal experience. But would it kill an author to have a parent who is present and only too ready to jump to their child’s needs? It doesn’t have to be what the child wants or needs but showing a parent who gives a fuck (sorry for the language but this is a really sore spot with me) would be a nice change.

8. Body Diversity

Why can’t female protagonists be more like Bridget Jones? Seriously! I want women and young girls who actually have some meat on their bones. And guess what, they can STILL BE PRETTY. Yep, women can be curvy, even pudgy, and still be pretty. Did I just blow your mind? I really hope not because it’s not a secret or anything and shouldn’t be treated as a new-fangled way to appeal to readers. More than anything, I want to read a clinically overweight female POV who gets swept into a magical world because I’m still waiting for it to happen to me.

9. College to Adult Transitions

This is also kind of self-serving. I graduated college almost two years ago (I still can’t wrap my head around it). I really need stories about protagonists who are wading through this thing called adult life. It’s great that college stories are getting a lot of attention right now but what about after? When all your loans start coming in, you start regretting your major, college, or both, you have to move back in with your parents…where are those stories?

10. More Creativity

Authors, editors, publishers…dig deep. Reach farther into your imagination then you’ve ever gone before and give us something new. Please stop copying the things you love. It’s great that it gives you the passion to create but use it as a jumping off point, not an outline. I know you can do it, I trust you. Make me believe that there are more stories out there to be lived.

What are some of the things on your reading wish list? Do you have a book recommendation based on my list? Are you currently writing something that fulfills a wish on here? Let me know in the comments below!



4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Reading Wish List

  1. I definitely agree on most of these – fewer love triangles, morally ambiguous characters, realistic romances, and transition to adult life all made my list in some form. I didn’t think about standalones versus series, but I also agree with you there. I think too many authors arbitrarily stretch a story across multiple books when it would work better if they pared it down into one.

    • Thanks for commenting! A lot of bloggers had about the same wish list and it makes me wonder why publishing hasn’t caught on yet…I’m thinking that this particular Top Ten Tuesday should be CC’ed to all major and independent publishing companies. It would definitely benefit both parties, so why not?

  2. I love all these ones you said! Especially male bonding!! Bromances just make my heart explode — ESPECIALLY anything to do with the Winchester brothers!! Dean, Sam, Bobby, Castiel — love all of them so much! I also had time travel because who doesn’t love that??

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