Recommend a…Book That Kept You Up All Night

Weekly feature created by Shanyn @ Chick Loves Lit, hosted by Vy’s Blog.

While many books have kept me up at night, this is the most recent one.

Book That Kept You Up All Night

I’ll admit, there were some things in this book that I wasn’t too thrilled about (mostly the narrator, Davy) but I FLEW through this book. While I live and breathe reading, I love sleeping even more. So for a book to cause loss of precious sleeping hours, it has to be pretty damn engaging.

What is a book that kept you up all night? Was this your first bookish all-nighter or are you a repeat offender like myself? Let me know in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “Recommend a…Book That Kept You Up All Night

  1. It wasn’t an all-in-one-night read, but the last book that kept me up later than I’d planned was Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca. It’s rare that I read a book all in one day… or night.

    • This wasn’t an all night read either, I had read about 70 pages or so and then just powered through it until like 3am. Wow, Rebecca – I haven’t come across that title in a long time, makes me what to read a classic pronto!

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