Book Expo America ’15 Recap

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The #BEAhangover is real. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Pure, unadulterated happiness

Pure, unadulterated happiness

Tuesday – May 26th

A bundle of nerves, I set out on a train down to Grand Central Terminal to meet up with Nikki @ There Were Books Involved and Octavia @ Read, Sleep, Repeat. We all made it up to the main concourse where Nikki and I began the typical exchange: “I’m standing next to this, where are you? Well what are you wearing? I’m waving, waving, OH WAIT, I SEE YOUUU!” And everything just fell into place. No lie, as I watched these two ladies walk towards me, I simply knew that this trip was going to be some of the best memories of my life.

Brittany, Sadja, Octavia, Cristina, and me at the P.S I Still Love You book launch party

Wednesday – May 27th (Day 1)


The face says it all…

A wild Susan Dennard sighting at the Javits

Thursday – May 28th (Day 2)

I only wake up this early for BOOKS!

Eleanor Herman ROCKING the Harlequin signing

Adi Alsaid was such a cutie and I loved his “Never, Always, Sometimes” game

Nikki, Octavia, Jamie, Katie, Gillian, Becca , and me at the Macmillan Blogger Party – fierce reads for fierce ladies!

Friday – May 29th (Day 3)

Such a beautiful morning for the last BEA day

Fifth in row for Six of Crows signing! ❤️ Leigh Bardugo

Yummy Hurricane from the Blogger Dinner at Bourbon Street Bar & Grill

Saturday – May 30th

Best grill cheese and beer lunch from the Melt Shop

Chill afternoon reading in Central Park

Sunday – May 31st

NYC selfies sitting in Shake Shack

Mini “cupcarons” are the BEST!

My final BEA book haul…and Samantha!

Final Thoughts

I made forever friends here at Book Expo America this year. In no particular order there’s…

Octavia @ Read, Sleep, Repeat

Nikki @ There Were Books 

Katie @ Katie’s Book Blog

Becca @ Pivot Book Reviews (now Reading Teen!)

Cassi @ My Thoughts…Literally

Sarah @ Words With Sarah

Brittany @ Please Feed The Bookworm

Pili @ In Love With Handmade

Cristina @ As Dreams Are Made

Melissa @ The Novelty Podcast

I apologize for the brevity of this post but I simply could not convey all the memories of this trip. I’m already counting down the days until BEA 2016 in Chicago. I thought that another BEA trip was out of the question until I realized that I needed to see these ladies again, if only for a short time. I love them more than I can say. I will never forget dancing in the morning show floor lines, trusting Mama Duck to get us to the next drop, belting out Let It Go in the hostel, BOTH our Shake Shack trips, all the $0.99 pizza, the cool street fair on our way to Barnes & Noble, the Macmillan party where I couldn’t help but happy cry, that poster for San Andreas (gold star for you!), and so much more. Book Expo America may have books galore but at the end of the day, I will always treasure the friendships that I made here. A special thank you to Octavia and Nikki, for taking a chance on me – stay fierce, beautiful, and fabulous. See you all in Chicago next year! <333

I hope you have a great day with an even better book and be on the lookout for a BEA giveaway soon!



5 thoughts on “Book Expo America ’15 Recap

  1. YESSSS! As I was making my plans for BEA this year I thought it’d be a one time only thing, but as soon as I met my roomies and then you guys at the Jenny Han event? I knew I HAD to do whatever necessary to get to BEA’16 in Chicago!! Cannot wait to see you and hug you and dance in line again!! ;)

  2. You’re adorable and I miss you so much! It was so amazing to spend the week with you and everyone, laughing and talking about books. I have never thought “these are my people” more than at BEA. Can’t wait for next year to do it all over again!

    P.S. Did you love the PB&J cupcake from Baked by Melissa? That one was my favorite.

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