BEA15 Giveaway Bundle #1

So this has pretty much been me since Book Expo America and NYC, especially with #ReadThroneofGlass then BookTube-a-thon and Bout of Books coming up. Books will consume my every waking moment but with purpose now – huzzah!

But I decided it was time that I start giving out the BEA pretties that I specifically picked up for you lovely readers! I’m excited because I managed to get seconds of all MY top convention books, so I hope you like the selection :)

There are three bundles altogether and the awesome-ness only increases with each one, so be on the lookout here on the blog and good luck!


I hope you have a great day with an even better book!


8 thoughts on “BEA15 Giveaway Bundle #1

  1. I bet BEA was such an awesome experience! I’m crossing my fingers that one day I’ll be able to go! I think I’m really excited to read Tonight the Streets Are Ours because not only do I love the cover, but I love the synopsis. :) Thank you for this chance!

  2. This sounds great about BEA, is great that you got the opportunity to go there. Tonight the Streets Are Ours, because I have hear so many good things about it. Thank you for the opportunity

  3. Argh I’m so jealous of you lucky ducks that get to attend BEA. I shall go there someday – I shall! I really want to read Tonight the Streets are ours, not to mention that cover is just gorgeous.

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