I’m Still Here!

Hello to all the new followers!

I feel bad that there’s so many new faces and so little posting. I wanted to write a little update so you know what I’ve been up to lately. I’ll start off with the bad news…my little sister’s boyfriend lost HIS little sister this past week. She was only seventeen years old. So last Thursday when I expected to have time off from work to finish posts, I attended her wake instead to support my sister. Although I never meet Marissa, I’m saddened by a bright and full life cut much too short. Marissa and her family were huge fans of the New England Revolution. At their next home game, the Revs are going to have a moment of silence for this amazing young lady.


So the good news…I’m car shopping! Albeit, I don’t really have a choice. The inspection is due in the car I’m currently sharing with my father and neither of us want it to sink any money into getting the check engine light fixed. Thus, I need to find a car within the next month *cue hyperventilating* I looked at some used car lots today and wasn’t thrilled with the state of vehicles in my price range. Going back for a second look tomorrow before work at noon – wish me luck!

Second bit of good news is that I’m heading out to NY this Friday to visit the beau since I haven’t seen him in a MONTH. He’s very much in danger of me tackle-hugging him again. Although this time I’ll be the one with some luggage to drag around so he might be safe…this time.


I mean just look at how stinkin’ cute he is with our kitty Samantha! Miss them both like WOAH.

Soooo that’s why I haven’t been around much lately. And I apologize for completely dropping the ball with Armchair BEA. I wanted to participate so badly since I wasn’t attending either BEA and received my refund for BookCon (to be discussed in a later post).

Hope you have a great day with an even better book!

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