Something I’ve Been Putting Off…

This has pretty much been me for the past couple weeks because my boyfriend and I are taking a six month break (what do I even call him now? My ex? Separated boyfriend? I don’t even know).

We never fought and when we did, it was over little stuff that we forgave each other for within the hour because we both realized how stupid it was to fight. We never talked about the serious relationship issues. There were no indications of cheating or any other attraction that could develop into cheating. And since he never communicated anything about how he was feeling, I was completely blindsided.

And because everything was in his name, the house and both cars, I was forced to move back into my father’s house with no job, no transportation, and I even had to leave my cat behind.

There are tangible things that I need to work on, specifically my finances, and intangibles such as the ideas of marriage and children. He has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t see this working out and I’m left wondering what went wrong. We agreed that there should be a month of no communication when we were both feeling hurt and emotional. With a little clearer head and heart, I asked if we should talk sooner because not communicating was our biggest issue. He still refuses to reach out.

I tell this to you not for sympathy but because it is an essential part of how I feel and my mind space right now. I do not wish to go on hiatus because I love this community, both bloggers and Booktube alike. Unfortunately these circumstances affect how I perceive the world and how I choose to entertain myself. I have not been keeping up with my television shows or reading very much. I have been watching a lot of children’s movies to feel happy again.

All I ask for is understanding and time to pull myself back together again. Thank you so much for your views, comments, and support.



2 thoughts on “Something I’ve Been Putting Off…

  1. This is such a crappy situation to be in, I was in something similar a few years ago and it was terrible. I hope you are able to find some peace with it and find things that make you happy! That’s what’s important! *internet hug* I find that lots of coffee and netflix help me lol

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