Currently Obsessed With…Pompeii by Bastille

Currently Obsessed With...

I know that Pompeii by Bastille isn’t new (it was released this time last year) but I can’t get it out of my head. The power of this song is so incredibly moving and inspirational. When I’m having a crap day or just need that extra boost, I turn this song on and crank the volume. I recently found this video of Bastille doing an acoustic version and it blew me away all over again. Thought I’d share!

Anyone else a crazy-I-play-it-all-the-time Pompeii fan like me? If anyone would like to recommend some music similar to Bastille, I’m looking for my next music obsession – let me know in the comments! 


4 thoughts on “Currently Obsessed With…Pompeii by Bastille

  1. Oh my goodness, how have I never heard of them or this song before?? I looked up the original song as well and really liked it. (I almost prefer the acoustic version!)

    Have you ever heard of Bloc Party? I don’t know *exactly* how similar they are, but I really enjoy them. Flux is really fun! Not all of theirs are so up-tempo though, So Here We Are is a little slower. (The links go to you-tube videos:) (OH! and This Modern Love:) Yeah…I really like Bloc Party. Haha!

    • I have not heard of Bloc Party but I liked the songs you mentioned, especially So Here We Are. They sound really chill – thanks for the recommendation!

      Also, I’m glad that I could convert another person to Bastille :)

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